Secure Data Communication Switches.

The trend towards IP-based system solutions in modern buildings continues unabated. Whether in office communication, video surveillance, building automation or building control technology - devices, systems and modules are increasingly equipped with IP connection.

The conventional concept of building infrastructure is now twenty years old and can hardly keep up with current developments. Distributed services and an increased need for security necessitate a decentralized infrastructure concept. As a technology specialist, MICROSENS has developed Micro Switches for this purpose that offer both technical and financial advantages over conventional infrastructure solutions.

The MICROSENS Gigabit Ethernet Micro Switches are the key element of the highly efficient FTTO (fiber to the office) networking concept. The intelligent combination of fiber optic and copper uplink ports facilitates the various technical advantages of fiber optic lines for open space wiring. The latest generation of the Micro Switches combines intelligent design, energy efficiency and the latest security features.