Daylight Quality, Almost Shadowless

Our highly advanced LED lighting design and engineered angles of projection, produces an almost daylight environment with practically a shadowless work space. This is the first instance where lighting for laboratories possess adjustable intensity, temperature, and color. We offer two levels of efficient lighting; HL-X-ECOLIGHT (luminance intensity at desk height > 600 lx) and HL-X-DIAMONDLIGHT (luminence intensity at desk height > 1200 lx). Besides its pleasing architectural design, the major features of our light are:

  1. Daylight characteristics.
  2. Almost shadowless work environment.
  3. Flexible intensity/color.
  4. Easy maintenance/cleaning.
  5. Scientifically angled LED arrays.

Our lights are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, as the light foil quickly snaps free from its extruded aluminum profile and hangs down for steam cleaning when and if necessary. It is also easily replaced to its functioning postion with magnetic straps returning it to its operating position.

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