All Utilities and Services Direct to Work Stations

Take Advantage of the Column's Flexibility

Our columns incorporate the core of HL-X-LAB's functionality and flexibility. They are custom designed utilizing different manufacturing materials and composition of utilities and services depending upon the specific application. We can install them such that there is some lateral movement easily allowed, but they can be fairly quickly disconnected and removed or relocated within the lab. All required utilities and services at any work station are provided through the column making them completely independent of laboratory furniture. If a service needs to be provided to equipment housed within the furniture, we have an easy solution to provide such service through the column. Our columns have built-in design features that differentiate them from any other market alternative:

  • »  Constructed in multiple styles and materials for every solution
  • »  Each fixture is an independent module for easy modification or change
  • »  Additional blank module space available for future reconfiguration
  • »  Each column has its own power breaker switch
  • »  Easy relocation or addition of a new column
  • »  Maintenance does not affect any other lab operation

Every fixture within each column is encompassed in its own module which allows for the quick addition, exchange, modification, removal, and maintenance of every fixture within each column, without significant disruption to operations. In fact, at no time are any other columns affected when service or maintenance is being performed on any particular column.

Rapidly Change Configurations with No Down Time

  • Replacement of gas module ≈ 15 minutes
  • Add an additional gas module ≈ 30 minutes
  • Move a column ≈ 1 hour

Replacing, moving, and upgrades can be carried out in an operating lab, without shutdown of services and media. All columns operate independently. Self-closing connectors and individual fixture modules simplify the process.

True Flexibility

Laboratory space can easily be expanded and/or contracted when additional analytical/office space is designed with our grid system and light. Utilities and services can easily be extended to the new space and columns added to bring those elements to designated workstations.

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