HL-X-LAB and OFFICE brochure

HL-X-LAB and OFFICE brochure

Optimal Sustainability.

Maximum safety, health, and flexibility.

Our media ceiling solution began as a concept in the year 2000, by its inventor Hansjuerg Luedi in Zurich, Switzerland,  (H. Lüdi + Co. AG), as a more efficient methodology to deliver all utilities, to specific workstations, throughout open space environments.

There has been constant improvement and advancement to the technology of every major component subsystem, as well as continual movement to higher levels of complete integration. We are currently producing version 11 of our advanced technical solution that incorporates leading edge modifications for the U.S. market.

Our sophisticated engineering and design systems provide for the complete integration of all utility services, delivered to any specific location, for any given space, no matter how demanding or complex the requirements. Our patented technology was initially developed for application to the full spectrum of laboratory workplaces, with their unique, complicated and highly integrated service specifications.

We have subsequently developed practical solutions for all open space environments which allow for easy future adaptation and modification as utility delivery requirements change. Our product concepts, produce the most sustainable utility/service delivery system available in any market.



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HL-X-LAB and OFFICE 2016 brochure

We started with the concept of designing and engineering the most flexible, completely integrated, infrastructure solution for both laboratory and office space environments. The resulting products, HL-X-LAB and HL-X-OFFICE, are service ceiling delivery systems for all utilities and services required in any space...