HL-X-LAB: Safety, Health, and Proactive Environment

Real Solutions for Today's Challenges

HL-X-LAB began as a concept in western Europe, by Hansjuerg Luedi (H. Luedi + Co. AG, www.hlag.ch) over 20 years ago and he has continually advanced both the engineering and design integration, as well as the technology incorporated in every major component subsystem. We have further developed and improved our system for the U.S. market, advancing now to version 14 of the technology.

HL-X-LAB is the complete engineering integration, design, and distribution of ALL utility and service requirements, of ANY and ALL laboratory types, delivered precisely to all fume hoods and work stations desired. Given its unique distribution of air, power, data communications, gasses, water, vacuum, and other services, it possesses the highest degree of flexibility for future technology advancements and reconfiguration of space. Additionally, it provides an unlimited opportunity to allow for the complete expansion and contraction of laboratory space in changing environments. Scientifically verified improvements in:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost of Reconfiguration
  • Operating Costs

Its ventilation system reduces energy consumption and provides a healthier and safer environment. The combination of a reduction in ongoing operating costs and ease of reconfiguration in the future makes it the lowest "cost of ownership" alternative in laboratory construction.