Tour one of our labs virtually in 3D!

Tour one of our labs virtually in 3D!

Proactive Environments

Maximum safety, health, sustainability, and flexibility.

Our flexible office-to-lab infrastructure ensures that no matter the work style or science, each floor can transition from one type of research to another with minimal disruption or downtime.

There recently has been placed increasing focus and scrutiny on the functionality of our designs for all aspects of flexibility, safety, and health for all interior space. The present virus spread is the most recent outbreak in a series of such releases of similar viruses into the public domain. The prognostication from epidemiologists worldwide is that these outbreaks will continue and have been accelerating. The time is now, to employ the absolute best practices, scientifically verified, to ensure the safest and the healthiest environments, for both laboratory and office space.

Our completely integrated infrastructure was initially invented 20 years ago and has realized 14 updated design iterations always focused on improving the welfare of the occupants operating within our designed space. A review of the unique features of our technology and our digitally-integrated solutions begins with our innovative and patented HVAC characteristics. Our design brings all air intake into a space and distributes it through each light channel and, ultimately, the light foil. This air is delivered at a very low velocity, no matter what the air exchange rate is established to be. Each light channel then creates an airflow pattern within the space that significantly reduces air particles and cross-contamination of toxic substances, when compared to standard HVAC solutions.

Additionally, we have digitally integrated complete environmental (heating/cooling) control, as well as UVC (254 nm) light cleansing for both all incoming and recycled air. There are many other features of our system such as bio-dynamic lighting, acoustic panels that enhance the airflow pattern, flexibility of moving columns or fume hoods to anywhere within the space, complete construction in one half the typical time requirements, and the ability to easily place partial or full partitions anywhere for additional occupant protection.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our design concepts is the ability to maintain pace with the agility of science through continued technological advancements and easy future adaptation. These features were not only designed-in for safety and health benefits, but they also significantly reduce energy consumption over standard installations. Given this heightened focus on what are the absolute best practices available in the market today, we would very much enjoy a discussion, in more depth, concerning our design concepts.


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