Media Ceiling

Optimal Sustainability and Flexibility

Media services distributed from the ceiling, containing all laboratory utility and service requirements, have been engineered and designed since 2004 throughout western Europe.

During this same period, the concept of open architecture has penetrated lab design, presenting unique problems concerning the seamless integration of all technical building services, applied to increasingly larger laboratory designs.

The only efficient planning of an open architecture design is the utilization of a completely integrated 3D engineering/design platform incorporating all required utilities and technical services. A major implication is the elimination of all cost intensive redesign and coordination meetings with all trade groups.

Significant Characteristics:

  1. First sustainable laboratory.
  2. Optimal modularity and flexibility.
  3. Only solution for true open space design.
  4. Complete integration of; energy, ventilation, and media supply.

In addition, everyone talks about sustainability, energy minimization, safety, health, and reconfiguration flexibility. Our media ceiling solutions with their patented technology are the most energy efficient, sustainable, open space design solution available in the market today.

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As published in "The Sustainable Laboratory Handbook" 2015