Media Ceiling

Safest, Healthiest, and most Proactive Environment

With the global pandemic requiring a sudden and keener focus on safe and healthy environments, we would like to remind the lab and office market that there are already proven solutions available. The agile HL-X-LAB and HL-X-OFFICE media ceiling is a pre-manufactured laboratory mechanical system combining; HVAC, plumbing, lighting and electrical infrastructure that adapts to changing circumstancesin minutes or hours, not weeks or months. The energy saving, patented airflow pattern and delivery/distribution system, significantly reduces airborne particles and limits cross contamination of toxic elements, rendering the air cleaner and healthier to breathe than traditional HVAC spaces. During a sudden modification on the operational environment, all laboratories, offices, clinics, and even grocery stores would reap the benefits of our airflow pattern. Further, the easy modification of the space allows for placement of moveable partitions (in whole or in part), plug-and-play electrical outlets and plumbing adjustments.