Healthier Environment

Open Space Design

For the first time, open office space can be designed with true air exchange and easy distribution of all services/utilities:

  1. Complete ventilation (air intake and extract)
  2. Environmental Control (all heating and cooling requirements)
  3. UVC (265 nm) cleansing of all air intake and recycled air
  4. Power and data communication to every position
  5. Noise absorption panels that enhance the airflow pattern
  6. Low velocity, even distribution of intake air (no drafts)
  7. Can be installed with or without grid system

HL-X-OFFICE can be configured with or without a grid system, depending upon both the near term and long term potential use of the space. Our unique ventilation, light, power, and data communication solutions can easily be distributed throughout any open space requirement supported by a grid network or hung directly from the ceiling. Air intake is evenly distributed throughout the space through our patented light and diffusing foil. Both power and data communication run directly above the light allowing access anywhere within the space by means of either specialized columns, hung from the grid, or power towers, resting on the floor, connected directly to our power/data track system.

Utilizing a grid network allows for the easy and cost efficient expansion of space requiring increased level of utilities and services. Users can quite efficiently expand (and contract for that matter) laboratory space into office space if a grid network is first employed.