Energy Efficient, Evenly Distributed

Our concept of distributing all air intake for the entire laboratory space through the light, with scientifically engineered diffusing patterns in the light foil, allows for very high air exchange rates at low air speeds. This distribution scheme, when combined with our air extract system (above the media ceiling), incorporates superior safety, health, and sustainability features. This results in the following characteristics:

  1. Low velocity air distribution.
  2. No drafts.
  3. Lower exposition risk to toxic release.
  4. Less cross contamination.
  5. Air extraction efficiency.

When you compare our HL-X-VENT system with standard MEP construction scientific analysis reveals that HL-X-VENT produces air handling and thermodynamics that allow for energy cost savings of up to 30%. Further, comfort is insured through a directed air curtain with very low speed producing no draft risk.

Due to the air-rolls rotating in opposite directions, the room is divided into independent halves creating less cross contamination and lower exposition of critical emissions. Additionally, the system's design creates a shorter recovery time from any exposition occurrence.

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