About C7 - GLOBAL

Technology and Design Innovators

We are currently evolving into a primarily USA based operation, bringing the concept of media ceiling advanced technology to the largest global market. We will support all USA architects, lab planners, engineering firms, developers, and end-users from our completely functional US operations that additionally supports a national builder/dealer network. Our design and engineering-driven organization will provide the product and service flexibility necessary in almost every proposed opportunity.

C7 - GLOBAL was brought into existence to advance the media ceiling concept of providing; safer, healthier, more flexible, energy-efficient, and sustainable operating laboratories. Our media ceiling solutions represent the attainment of the highest level of sustainability and flexibility available today. Our products are designed to easily incorporate and adapt new technologies in the future. The lab of the future is available today.

There are several publications, since the invention of this technology over 20 years ago, until the present. These publications discuss the innovative integration of various solutions evolving into the safest, healthiest, most flexible, environmentally controlled work space infrastructure available.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.