Media Ceiling Showroom

Complete Demonstration Capability

In conjunction with our Builder/Dealer for the eastern United States, New England Lab, we have jointly constructed a fully operable laboratory in their facilities located in Woburn, MA. This showroom incorporates all of the advanced and specially modified technologies utilized in our media ceiling solution for hands-on review by any interested party. The principle characteristics of; sustainability, safety, health, and flexibility will be easily demonstrated and explained.

The media ceiling portion of the showroom is available for review and examination at any time, but we ask that you coordinate such a review through New England Lab. Also, this is a state-of-the-art complete operating laboratory showroom with large capacity meeting rooms, which will easily allow for hands-on product review and a meeting space for most group sizes.

We welcome all interested parties to contact either Jenn Hedling or New England Lab customer service to coordinate an appointment and product review.

This showroom will be continually updated with both technology improvements to all the key subsystems and alternative technologies for specific requirements. We will systematically work with both our vendors/partners and end users to leverage advanced concepts into demonstrable practical solutions.